Whale watching

Don't miss it! From the 15th of January to the end of March

Come and see Humpback whales with Kim BEDDAL and her worldwide scientists team in the Samana Bay

The indians taïnos were already drawing images of the playful  Humpback whales in their caverns in Los Haïtises National Park. For centuries, these majestic   mamels have crossed the Atlantic Ocean from their feeding grounds in the north to mate and give birth in the warm waters of the Caribbean sea, more specifically, in the whales sanctuary of the Samana Bay. 

This is a unique opportunity to see whales in their courtship rituals, perhaps even one of the great males making spectacular jumps in order to impress a female, or baby whales playing in the waves with their mothers.

On return to the port, lunch buffet , then visit of the Whales Museum in. Samana..

Truly magical momentsWith Kim Beddall

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