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Samana Bay – Rincon beach with a Jeep – Arena Tours Excursions

Samana Bay – Rincon beach with a Jeep

Departure possible from your hotel, with a safari car to allow you to admire the landscapes, the nature throughout the hills. Stop at the typical market of Samana to dive into the local Dominican population.

Continuation on the road to Rincon beach and stop at la Boca del Diablito, where the sea against the volcanic rocks sounds like the noise of the devil.

Stop to taste tropical fruits (passion fruits, pineapple, bananas, mangos) and coffee, chocolate etc.

Arrival  at the famous Playa Rincon for lunch (fish, chicken, vegetables, non  alcoholic drinks included) on one edge of the beach.  Sunbathing, snorkeling or simply farniente in the afternoon.

Final stop in a small breeding house of  Rhinoceros Iguanas, indigenous to the region of Samana.