Los Haïtises National Park

LOS HAÏTISES (mountain land in Taïna Language) is a protected area where you will be overwhelmed by the BEAUTY of its WILD NATURE and in which you will transported back to the 16th century when the Indian Taïnos hid in the nearby caverns ..

Visit of the 3 main caves St GABRIEL, la LINA and ARENA where you will discover the PICTOGRAMS (drawings) and PETROGLYPHS (engravings on the rocks) from the original Indian Taïnos.

Sailing among the little islands which offers a variety of BIRDS COLONIES like frigates, pelicans, herons, ibis, vultures etc…

Tour in the silence of the mangrove and the palétuviers forests.  An INCREDIBLE and UNFORGETTABLE experience for NATURE LOVERS and for those who are interested in the bird watching and photography.